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APRIL, 2000

April 27, 2000 - Added information to the NEWS & EVENTS page.

April 26, 2000 -
Added information to the NEWS & EVENTS page.

April 21, 2000 -
Added a link to a new review on the REVIEWS page.  Added a brief story called "Stage Work" from the current issue of Vogue to the articles page (as well as a link on the NEWS & EVENTS page) about Crunch Fitness' Broadway Dance Series, which includes Robert Royston's Cardio Swing class.

April 20, 2000 -
Added the listing of The Blues Jumpers' "Wheels Start Turning" to the Gotham City Gates 'Recordings' page.  Changed the link for the review of this CD, which can now be accessed through this page.

April 19, 2000 -
For your convenience, all new information throughout the site will be marked
NEW! for one week following the addition date.

April 14, 2000 - Added a press release to the NEWS & EVENTS page regarding a master class to be taught by Beverly Durand and Aldrin Gonzalez.

April 12, 2000 -
Update #1:  Added a link under REVIEWS to the ATOMIC Magazine review of Swing!  Update #2:  Added a link to the new Talkin' Broadway interview with Michael Gruber to the NEWS & EVENTS page.

April 9, 2000 -
Added screen captures from the tango segment of Swing Into Spring to the Beverly Durand cast member page.

April 5, 2000 -
Added to the NEWS & EVENTS page:
Swing! Cast Holds Silent Auction for BC/EFA

April 4, 2000 -
Added information from Jonesy regarding Dan Hovey on a recording for Ron Sunshine and Full Swing to the Gotham City Gates RECORDINGS page.  Added a few new graphics. Updated the LEGAL & CREDITS page. Archived March site updates.

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