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MARCH, 2000

March 31, 2000 - UPDATE # 2:  Archived articles from the NEWS & EVENTS page to the ARTICLES page, and one to ANN HAMPTON CALLAWAY page.  Also uploaded the photos referenced in the earlier update today (apologies!!!).

March 31, 2000 -
UPDATE #1:  Added information & photos to the Steve Armour, Lance Bryant and Dan Hovey pages, where there is a link to a listing of recordings upon which the members of the Gotham City Gates have appeared or contributed (this recordings page is also accessible through the Gotham City Gates main page).  Please see the credits section of the LEGAL & CREDITS page regarding this info (thanks again, Jonesy!).   Changed the font used throughout the site.

March 28, 2000 -
Changed some of the graphics for site navigation and page titles. Changed site navigation by making an introductory (welcome) page, then a main page. Fixed some links.

March 27, 2000 -
Added five additional screen captures to the Swing Into Spring page.

March 26, 2000 -
Added/replaced the following photos to the PRODUCTION PHOTOS page:
  *It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing:  PHOTOS # 1 and #2
    * Billy-A-Dick - PHOTO #2
    * USO:  PHOTOS #4, 5, 6 and 7
    * Swing Brother Swing
    * Blues In The Night - PHOTO #2
    * Take Me Back to Tulsa/Stay All Night
    * Finale - PHOTOS #1 and #3

Added a page under PHOTOS of screen captures from the Swing into Spring TV show; added a press release to the NEWS page.

March 24, 2000 -
Added some cool sites to the LINKS page!

March 23, 2000 -
Archived all February 2000 news items from the NEWS & EVENTS page to the ARTICLES page except the Everett Bradley Celebrity Choice feature. Changed the site navigation table on each of the "main" pages to a site image map.

    Added to the Laura Benanti page:
      * Benanti Added to DiPietro They All Laughed Jan. 18-20 Readings, Playbill Online dated             

        * Laura Benanti & Richard Chamberlain To Make Bway Sound of Music Mar. 10, Playbill Online,
          dated 02/04/1999

        * Richard Chamberlain & Laura Benanti Are New Sound of Music Leads, Mar. 10, Playbill    
            Online dated 03/09/1999

    Added  to the News & Events page:
        * Liz Callaway Steps in for NY Gig When Sister Ann Bows Out, March 11, Playbill Online dated              March 11, 2000

        * PHOTO CALL: B'way Stars Peters, Orfeh & Benanti
Shine At Tiffany's March 1
3, Playbill Online
            dated March 20, 2000

        * SWING! SWINGS INTO SPRING WITH 1-800-FLOWERS.COM - Press Release

          SATURDAY, MARCH 25 AND SUNDAY, MARCH 26 - Press Release

        * SWING! Dancer SCOTT FOWLER featured in GAP'S new WEST SIDE STORY ad campaign to
            premiere during the OSCARS - Press Release

    Added to the Ann Hampton Callaway page:
        * Ann Hampton Callaway To Sing in Seattle, Jan. 20-25, Playbill Online dated 01/20/1998

        * PHOTO CALL: It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Got A Callaway? Or Two?, Playbill Online
            dated 12/14/1999

March 21, 2000 - Added two reviews, from LeisureSuit.Net and Michael Sommers (Newhouse News Services), to the REVIEWS page. Added an interview with Ann Hampton Callaway from TheatreMania.Com to her page. Changed the site navigation table at the bottom of each of the main pages.

March 19, 2000 - I apologize for all of the changes and confusion regarding the forum.   VOY Forums has resumed service, and has explained that they had major technical problems while upgrading their systems, which caused sporadic availability for the past two weeks or so.  So, I have made VOY the forum again, since it appears that people are more comfortable with this format than with the Casual Forum.  I deleted the page entitled FORUM, and the link to the forum is back under the SITE INDEX on the main page.   (PLEASE NOTE: I will keep the Casual Forum as a backup if it becomes necessary, and it can be reached HERE.  No other link to this backup forum will be made, so if you cannot access VOY, you can reach the Casual Forum at this link.) 

I replaced all the graphic links on the main page back to text links.  Added a news item to the NEWS & EVENTS page.

March 16, 2000 -
VOY Forums has become too unreliable, and it is too confusing to keep going back and forth, so I changed the link on the FORUM page to the Casual Forum, which I would like to use from now on.

March 15, 2000 - Update #1:  Added the following new photos to the PRODUCTION PHOTOS page:
* It Don't Mean a Thing:  PHOTO #2
* Throw That Girl Around/Show Me What You Got: PHOTO #3 and PHOTO #5
* Cry Me A River

Update #2:  Added a page entitled WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT SWING! This page is accessible at a link in the box of the same title on the MAIN page, or at the REVIEWS page. The page contains quotes and excerpts from various reviews which I have been unable to obtain. Also added a link to the REVIEWS page where you can read reviews of the Original Broadway Cast Recording. Updated the COMING SOON page.  Added an event to the NEWS & EVENTS page.  Added graphic icons/links to the MAIN page; added a POLLS page - stop by and cast your vote!!

March 12, 2000 -
Added a picture of Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas to their page;  VOY Forums has resumed service.  A separate FORUM page had been added with links to the main Forum, which will be the VOY Forum, as well as to the Casual Forum, which can be used if the VOY Forum does not work. Hopefully VOY will remain reliable!  Added an item to the NEWS page.  Updated the Song List.

March 11, 2000 -
Added photos of Matt Hong, Dan Hovey, Scott Neumann, Lance Bryant and Conrad Korsch to each of their pages;  added a scan of a Swing! postcard to the MISCELLANEOUS page; added screen captures from The Today Show (go to PHOTOS page).  Added an article from Playbill Online dated March 10, 2000 to the news page regarding a new song added to the show for Laura Benanti.

March 10, 2000 - Added links and re-organized the LINKS page;  created a new forum with CASUAL FORUMS.  Should VOY Forums resume service, a link back to the archived forum may be added.

Added a reference to a review of the show by ATOMIC Magazine to the REVIEWS page; also added a reference to a featured article in ATOMIC Magazine on the Casey MacGill page.

Updated the cast list, creating a separate section for former cast members (including Arte Phillips and Erik Robison & Sylvia Skylar).  Added new cast member Jermaine R. Rembert (Swing).  Updated Playbill bio for Laura Benanti.  

  Screen captures from The Today Show appearance!

March 7, 2000 -
Update #1: Added a link to an article (US Open Threepeat at West Coast Swing America) to the Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi page; added a song/CD credit to the Dan Hovey page.

March 7, 2000 - Update #2: Archived article
Steven Suskin ON THE RECORD: Swing!, Styne, and Russell Bennett from the NEWS page to the ARTICLES page.  Archived all Updates prior to the current month to separate pages (see links below).

Added the following articles & features:

* CELEBRITY CHOICE:  Everett Bradley, February, 2000 from Playbill to the NEWS page

* Entertainment news article from the New York Post dated October 22, 1999 to the ARTICLES

* Article entitled Battling Brantley from the New York Post dated January 21, 2000 to the
    ARTICLES page

March 6, 2000 - Update #1:  Added pages for each of the members of the Gotham City Gates, but please note that I am sill working on this section, and what I have so far is an extremely limited compilation of their professional credits (I hope to find more information, and I will certainly add it when I find it!).  Added an event (Robert Royston's weekly Cardio Swing! class) to the NEWS & EVENTS page.   Added FEATURED LINKS on the main page (be sure to check out these links!).  Re-arranged the Index page, and added a new graphic logo.  Changed the site navigation by eliminating the NEWS, ARTICLES & REVIEWS page. All links now lead directly to each of these three pages separately.   Added a background graphic to the Laura Benanti page.  Made minor text revisions throughout the site.

March 6, 2000 - Update #2: Added an article from Playbill Online regarding the upcoming appearance on The Today Show. Added to the COMING SOON section.

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